Oil filters, is there a difference?

There is more to an oil change than just changing the oil. The other key component of an oil change is the oil filter. Let’s talk about two factors of an oil filter. Surface area and filtration.

Surface area refers to the area of filter media. Generally, the larger the surface area, the longer the oil filter will last. With today’s oil life monitoring systems stretching oil change intervals beyond the 3,000 mile mark (still the best oil change interval), it is critical to use a premium oil filter. Engines today have small oil passages that can plug very easily if not using the correct oil and filter resulting in major engine repairs costing thousands of dollars. Secondly, using a premium oil filter will help your car retain a higher resale value. We are just now starting to see people ask for service records on cars they intend to purchase. More on that later in a different blog.

Filtration is the ability to filter out small particles without plugging up or slowing down the flow of oil through the filter media. Filter media is measured in microns, the smaller the number the better it filters. For example, a 5 micron filter filters out finer particles than a 10 micron filter. Your owner’s manual or internet are good sources to find out what oil filter specifications your engine requires. There is plenty of information out there for you. Do some research of your own, a well informed customer is a smart customer. I am by far no expert on oil filter design and construction, but I know what I like based on 30+ years experience performing oil changes and engine repair. Your engine will benefit from a premium oil filter.